Joy for Free


Kathy Goll-Derstine ©10/12/06


Joy for free in the park today

Hellman’s pals givin’ it away

Bands and singers cookin’ with gas

Hardly Strictly your daddy’s bluegrass


Kettlecorn cookin’ in the pavilion

Servin’ it up for half a million

All day long the sun never fades

Even the dogs are wearin’ shades


Don’t need no admission fee

And you gotta BYOB

Fetch a jug from Tennessee

Brimming with the spirit

(of) Joy for free


Get your buzz on with gangja brownies

Sold by the gal at the port-a-potties

Blue Angels boomin’ through the skies

Wish they could turn into butterflies


Hacky sack players landin’ moves

Earl Scruggs got ‘em in the groove

Climb a tree for less occlusion

Everyone gets a soul infusion


Ain’t no corporate potpourri

Stinkin’ up this reverie

Maybe Washington DC

Could use a big wiff of Joy for free


Gospel Reverie


And we’re searching refugees

In the wasteland of the free

But we’ll tell the powers that be

Maybe we don’t need you

Joy for free

Joy for free

Joy for free

Joy, Joy, Joy…


Joy for free in the park abounds

Take some for you, and pass it around