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“The CFS Blues” was recorded as a fundraiser for the American Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’s 7th International Conference in Wisconsin, September, 2004, and to advocate for better awareness of CFS. I’ve now made it available as a free download.

I was diagnosed with Chronic Epstein Barre Syndrome (then CFS, CFIDS, ME) in 1984.

This song came from my frustration of needing a name that actually describes the serious nature of our disease, as well as the need for better public and professional awareness about it.

It was written and recorded with the support of musicians Carol McComb, Linda Vickerman and other fab friends. I was lucky, because as of 2018 I can no longer play, sing, or compose as I did. Most days I am to ill to leave home.

Sadly, even though some of the references are dated, the song is as relevant as ever.

I took the “million of us” from a 2003 prevalence report for the US, although some estimates are 4 million. One of my doctors really did say, “If I were you, I’d shoot myself”. On more than one occasion, actually. It was meant to be sympathetic, not prescriptive, but it illustrates the lack of research into etiology or effective treatments that have dogged us for decades.

Lastly, when I first wrote this bio, I said,  “I’d LOVE to see the movie Blake Edwards could come up with on CFS. Make it a comedy. With a strong female lead.” RIP, Blake Edwards.  (Onward, Jen Brea! ) 

-Kathy Goll-Derstine


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