"The CFS Blues" Lyrics

Well, I got this thing, it's been on my mind
Been on my body too, and it's left me behind
Accounta this disease A scourge throughout the land
There's a million of us, but we don't exist
I'm the Invisible Dame, and I'm getting pissed

I got the CFS Blues, nobody understands

The MD's all say, you must be depressed
Why don't you take this pill, cuz we know what's best
We know there ain't no cure, but you'll be off our hands
Robs your vitality, Robs you of your wealth
My doctor said if she had it, she'd shoot herself

I got the CFS Blues, nobody understands

Now a rose by any other name would smell as sweet
But a name like CFS Recalls the odor of sweaty feet

C is for Chronic, F for Fatigue, S is for Syndrome
And we're all beleaguered
With a dumb-ass name, nobody understands

Wish there was a movie, show how we really are,
Blake Edwards could direct, Cher could be the star
Get the author of "Seabiscuit" to screenwrite,
     Laura Hillenbrand
Randy Newman could put down the lines of the score
Oh, we'd have 'em all weeping right out of the door,
Then maybe someday,

They'd finally understand,

And then they'd take our part,

And find a little heart,

And maybe hold my hand

I got the CFS Blues, won't somebody understand

© Kathy Goll-Derstine 2004